FARO® ScanPlanTM 2D Handheld Mapper

For fast, accurate capture of any 2D, as-built floor plan

Sometimes you need to quickly document the floor plan of a building, either for public safety needs or as the basis for renovation or expansion. The FARO ScanPlan 2D Handheld Mapper makes it easy — just attach your phone and start scanning. Lightweight and easy to operate, the ScanPlan captures complete 2D floor plans and high-res complementary data in as much time as it takes to walk through the building.

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Business Value of the ScanPlan

Improve Safety and Rescue Efforts

The ScanPlan helps create pre-incident plans that account for every hidden part of a building.

Ensure Quote Accuracy

Accurate building details mean accurate quotes and estimates for renovations and expansions.

Drive Confidence

Data accuracy brings a new level of confidence to your work.

Reduce Costs

Eliminating the risks associated with inaccurate floor-plan visualizations reduces rework and costs.

ScanPlan Performance

Fast, Easy 2D Floor-plan Documentation 

The ScanPlan from FARO dramatically speeds up the process of capturing 2D floor plans of any residential, commercial or industrial building, institution or construction site. The wide-angle field of view makes it easy to map around corners, behind doors, and other hard-to-reach areas. The ScanPlan is your reliable 2D floor-plan creator.

ScanPlan Features


Carry the lightweight device easily with one hand.

Familiar Interface

Interact with the ScanPlan much as you would a smartphone app.

Real-time Visualization

See what you capture as you scan.

Additional Documentation Capabilities

Easily add photos and annotations.

Ability to Capture Multiple Floors

Organize all the data for one building within one project.

Extended Scanning Time

Keep scanning with long-life batteries that swap out easily.

Smartphone Compatibility

Control the ScanPlan with your iPhone or Android phone.

Scan Assist

Automatically calculate the best scanner position.

Project Sharing

Easily export projects, images and documents as DXF, PDF or ESRI Shape files for use in GIS systems. Export the 2D map as a point cloud into CPE, PLY and XYZ. Upload to 2D floor-plan software programs such as SCENE Software, and FARO Zone 2D Software, as well as WebShare.

Pre-placement of 3D Scans

Integrate with select Focus Laser Scanners to pre-place 3D scans on-site.

360° Panoramic Images

Add panoramic images to the 2D map.

Virtual Reality Mode

Export the project and the panoramic images into present4D VR Suite for the best user experience.

Public Safety Analytics Applications

Forensic Analysis and Pre-incident Planning

Capture accurate building plans for threat assessments, safety planning, protective advances, high-profile events, arson investigation, crime scene investigation, forensic reconstruction and failure investigation. See all forensic analysis and pre-incident planning applications >

Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) Applications

Fast, Accurate As-built Capture and Modeling

Document construction sites and buildings by capturing 2D floor plans that can be used for project evaluation, conceptual design and BIM, real estate and facility management, as well as exposé creation and presentation. Plus, use the ScanPlan to help plan for 3D scans made with Focus Laser Scanners. See all as-built capture and modeling applications >

Design Layout and Projection

Quickly document site conditions and receive immediate information about the size of a scan job, the number of laser scans needed, and ideal scan positions. Information can be used for more efficient effort estimation and quotation. Quickly document site conditions and receive immediate information about the size of a scan job, the number of laser scans needed, and ideal scan positions. Information can be used for more efficient effort estimation and quotation. See all design layout and projection applications >

Digital Twin for Asset and Facility Management

Capture building data for use in a digital twin, which allows for operating smart factories and simulating future changes, upgrades and expansions. See all digital twin applications >


Fast 2D Building Mapping

The ScanPlan can help quickly determine the accuracy and completeness of project info.

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For processing and managing scan data with real-time on-site registration, automatic object recognition, scan registration and positioning.


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Creates accurate diagrams for forensic reports and construction projects.

Focus Laser Scanners

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