As-built Capture for Industrial Facility Management

Scan what matters to keep industrial buildings safe, up to code and adaptable.
Transform the physical world into the digital with FARO’s 3D laser scanning solutions. Then use those virtual as-built models as templates to make critical design decisions, both in the industrial facility and its surrounding footprint.

Scanning an Industrial Facility or Building

Industrial facilities are complex environments with potential safety hazards. 3D laser scanning is a critical preconstruction digital verification tool that gives facility designers and site engineers an unparalleled line of sight into the facility construction process and its assets. You can document existing conditions, ensure enhanced inventory control and provide a roadmap for improved assembly line layout. 

Whether you’re upgrading an existing industrial facility, altering its intended use or simply maintaining awareness of its current state, you’ll keep both the interior and exterior safer with more accurate as-built virtual models that can be maintained for the lifetime of the facility.

As-built Capture for Industrial Facility Management

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Focus Laser Scanners

For fast, complete and accurate measurements of complex objects.

Focus Swift

The first fully integrated indoor mobile mapping solution for large-area, as-built capturing with minimal time and effort.

SCENE Software

For processing and managing scan data with real-time on-site registration, automatic object recognition, scan registration and positioning.

As-BuiltTM Software

Easy, precise, seamless and efficient evaluation of reality-capture data to CAD and BIM models.

FARO® WebShare Software

For securely sharing and evaluating accurate 3D reality data in real time, anywhere, no matter the source of data capture.

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