FARO® Focus Swift Indoor Mobile Scanner

Fast, easy, large-area as-built capturing
Capturing 3D as-built documentation used to require an hour or more of laser scanning. But with the FARO Focus Swift Indoor Mobile Scanner, you can capture all the details you need in about one-tenth the time. This indoor mobile mapping system delivers better data faster and provides the most accurate measurements wherever you need them.

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Business Value of the Focus Swift

Reduce Rework and Material Waste

Knowing the exact as-built conditions of your project means your designs fit the first time. And monitoring the construction progress regularly and frequently in 3D helps you identify issues before they become costly and delay your schedule.

Manage Large and Complex Projects with Confidence

The FARO Swift system allows you to capture the existing conditions of large project sites with unseen performance and accuracy. You will know what is going on in a fraction of the time you need today.

Make Informed Decisions Quickly

With the information at your team’s fingertips, they’ll be equipped to make smarter decisions faster and stay ahead of any problems.

Focus Swift Performance


The First Fully Integrated Indoor 3D Mobile Mapping System 

As its name suggests, the Focus Swift is fast. Depending on accuracy requirements, the innovative device can take mobile scans of large, complex areas up to 10 times faster than traditional static scans. The design combines the capabilities of FARO Focus Laser Scanners, the ScanPlanTM 2D Handheld Mapper and revolutionary SCENE Software for seamless, flexible data capturing. It’s the indoor laser mapping solution you’ve been looking for.

Focus Swift Features

Compact, Travel-friendly Design

Use the lightweight Focus Swift wherever you need it. The carbon-fiber tripod, three-wheeled vehicle and two carry-on-size cases make travel and setup easy.

Software Compatibility

Integrate with FARO As-BuiltTM Software, BuildIT Construction Software and WebShare, and any CAD system with 3D point cloud capabilities.

Intuitive, Ergonomic Design

Use easily with comfortable handles and simple push operation.

Construction Site Readiness

Use the Focus Swift for any stage in the life of a building, due to its wide operating temperature range, cable-free and rugged design, and intuitive setup.

Innovative Automation

Eliminate manual processing steps.

Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) Applications 

Fast, Accurate As-built Capture and Modeling

With the Focus Swift on the construction site or inside a facility, you can use your smartphone to control your laser scanner. Scan the interior of any building — factories, office buildings, hospitals, retail shops and more — for BIM and facility management. It’s indoor laser mapping made easy. See all as-built capture and modeling applications >

Digital Twin for Asset and Facility Management

Use the Focus Swift as a 3D mapping camera to capture building data for digital twin technology. The digital twin helps with operating smart factories and simulating future changes, upgrades and expansions. See all digital twin applications >

Focus Swift Indoor Mobile Scanner Insights

When you work with FARO, you benefit from our years of experience providing our customers with solutions that optimize their work. We’ve collected all our As-Built Capture and Modeling insights in a library of resources for you.

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We tested the new Swift and it’s a seamless union of advanced high-speed imaging technology, innovative cloud-based software and intuitive design. In my view, this device has the potential to set the industry standard for affordable, high-precision indoor 3D scanning technology.
Mark Mitchell
4D Concepts

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